STACS featured on The Digital Banker — Was the GameStop and AMC fiasco a beckoning of a new age for financial market infrastructure?

The last few weeks have catapulted GameStop and AMC into the spotlight. It also shed light on the legacy infrastructure and systems that financial markets operate in. What according to you is the most significant take-away from this event?

Benjamin Soh, Co-founder & Managing Director of STACS

Speaking of legacy systems, what are some of the current alternatives that financial markets can adopt to address these problems?

Could you please elaborate on how STACS fits into this picture? What are some of the problems that STACS could address with regard to financial markets?

Could you take us through of any case studies that STACS has developed in recent times?

Finally, as technology and digital transformation shapes other segments of FSI, what are the key areas ripe for disruption in the financial markets?




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