Highlights of the Official #STACS Blockchain Workshop during SFF x SWITCH

Dr Paul Sin’s Key Findings: “Combining DLT and industrial data standards, we are expecting 80–85% cost savings in post-trade processing.”
  • Live Case Studies of digital transformation for banks, exchanges and the financial ecosystem
  • STACS Blockchain’s applications in securities and asset management
  • Leveraging new technologies to optimise the traceability of data and assets
How can we structurally enhance different financial ecosystems with DLT?

Managing Director of STACS, Jay Ng: How does the STACS Blockchain build a Blockchain-Based Ecosystem around Financial Markets?

The DLT Ecosystem
• How can we build the ecosystem: within a large organisation, across borders and with strategic market players?

HSBC’s digital transformation expert Rajeev Tummala captivates the audience with Conway’s Law

Dr Paul Sin, Deloitte Consulting Partner with Deloitte China and Deloitte’s Asia Pacific Blockchain Lab Leader

DLT Applications in Post-Trade processes:
•Post-trade DLT live cases Deloitte has advised on and post-trade case scenarios which deeply benefited from blockchain.
•The opportunities and challenges facing post-trade, e-KYC, challenger banks, corporate banking, funds, along with the relevant tech architecture.

Wong Wanyi, PwC Partner

DLT Applications for the Bond Markets:

  • What are the traditional flows of asset structuring, such as for bonds, and how can blockchain benefit them?
  • What are the Blockchain applications on securities such as bonds?
  • What are the Blockchain application on asset management — in areas of the lifecycle management in reporting, enterprise data management and better traceability.
How could Market Infrastructure for Financial Institutions benefit from blockchain?

Fireside Chat: John Ho, Standard Chartered, Managing Director, Head of Legal

John Shares About Regulatory Trends and Challenges in DLT:

  • What are the regulatory trends in different jurisdictions?
  • What are the implications and findings from previous DLT projects?

Live Demonstration from STACS: Nigel Lam, Senior Manager in Product & Jin Ser, Solutions Architect Director

STACS integrates Capital Markets with Project Ubin Payments Network

  • An interactive experience of blockchain-based securities for the market participants
  • The full lifecycle management of securities is enabled on STACS Blockchain with instant DvP cross-chain

Together, STACS Has Achieved A Major Milestone for DvP — Announced at Singapore Fintech Festival (SFF)!

During the workshop, Capital Market audience received first-hand insights of blockchain tech being utilised in live capital market case studies.



STACS is a Singapore-based Blockchain development firm focusing on the digital transformation of the financial industry. Our flagship product, the Securities Trading Asset Clearing and Settlement (STACS) Network, is a blockchain built specifically for Finance. Our vision is to be the underlying Distributed Ledger Technology on which Financial Market Infrastructure is built upon.



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