DLT IN THE REAL WORLD podcast by The ValueExchange — STACS and Trade Processing

How is DLT really making an impact in the capital markets space today? Listen to the episode here.

Our inaugural joint podcast with The ValueExchange: DLT In the Real World — the facts & figures behind digitisation, as Barnaby Nelson, Chief Executive Officer at The ValueExchange and Nigel Lam, Product and Strategic Partnership Senior Manager at STACS break through the noise of the day and unravel the blockchain transformation of Trade Processing. In this episode, we discussed how our Real-Time Synchronised DLT Trade Processing platform, Mercury, can solve a USD800 billion industry problem, and eliminate trade breaks by 96%, minimising costly risks and unlocking balance sheets and opportunities.

  • What does our solution look like in layman terms? Who was involved?
  • The results and impact of our live solution (KPIs achieved as of date by the onboarded financial institutions)
  • What were the challenges we faced in deploying the solution?
  • How does our solution scale?

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